A glimpse into our artist's world

We asked our sketch artist about illustrating the Portrait Sketch and Full Body Sketch styles, here's a glimpse into that world.

Q: What inspired you to become a pet portrait artist, and how did you develop your unique style?
A: I like to make manual sketches using pencil and paper. Recently, I have started to do it digitally using my iPad. Then, I saw an opportunity to become a pet portrait artist, and now I’m exploring it. My style comes from my initial practices on paper. Even digitally, it carries that quality.

 Q: Can you walk us through your process of creating a custom pet portrait?
A: The media that I use are iPad and Apple Pen or PC and Tablet pen. The software that I use is a sketchbook on an iPad and Adobe Photoshop on the PC. I create the sketches manually, as if drawing on paper, one line at a time, without using filters.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of creating these portraits, and how do you overcome it?
A: The most challenging aspect is getting an order with low-resolution photos and blurry images. I deal with it by understanding the anatomy of the pets to be drawn. I strive to improvise and provide the best possible representation for them.

Q: How do you capture the personality and essence of each pet in your artwork?
A: The most important thing for me when making pet portraits is to focus on their facial expressions. I always pay close attention to the shape of their lips, nose, eyes, and expressions. When I get that right, it becomes unique.

Q: What are some tips for pet owners to provide the best reference photos for their pet's portrait?
A: My tip for getting the best results is to provide the best possible photo of your pet. with a better resolution, not too small. Sufficient detail and clear pictures also help a lot, especially when they are not blurry.

Q: How do you handle creating portraits of pets with unique features or markings?
A: I always draw based on the actual photos behind them, with all the signs and everything in the image. Unless the customer wants to change or remove any detail or add something new, then I can improvise. Otherwise, I keep it as true to the original as possible.


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