Can we create fine art prints and care for the environment?

Even though its not possible right now to create high-quality art prints on recycled paper, the print industry is working hard to make that happen. What we can say is that beautifully framed prints are not throw-away products — theyre designed to last and be appreciated for years. If you care for it properly, it won’t end up in the recycling bin at the end of the year. 

Does the printing platform matter? 

The actual printing equipment plays an essential part in producing a more sustainable outcome. Our prints are guaranteed against fading in an indoor environment guaranteeing longevity and will also produce a predictable colour consistent result every time without using any solvent and therefor minimise wastage in our production of artworks.

Recyclability and minimising waste

We manufacture our own packaging using recyclable and non-bleached materials whilst minimising storage and wastage by producing packaging on demand.

Our packaging has also reduced transport damage — further minimising wastage and preserving resources. We are proud of our uniquely designed boxes.

And finally… A smaller footprint

We have set out to create a smaller environmental footprint — and we haven’t yet reached the end. If you have some suggestions to help us further improve our environmental credentials, wed love to hear from you. Get in touch